Friday, May 8, 2009

lunch, home.

today marks the last day of my week-long vacation {aka unemployment between contracts}. it's also andrew's birthday which means indian food and cake for dinner. so, i wanted something light and cheap and tasty. and, i found that in roasted asparagus with fried eggs. ridiculously easy, relatively cheap {if asparagus is in season, which it's not quite yet} and very yummy {again, if you like asparagus}. this was also a win, because andrew doesn't like asparagus or fried eggs. i had it with brie cheese and baguette on the side and a glass of red wine. yep, pretty much the best lunch i've had in a while.

  • procure as much asparagus as you and your eating partner would like. i used a pound, for myself, for lunch. mostly because i knew that's how much i would like this dish.
  • drizzle asparagus with about 1 tsp of oil per pound {again, about how much i used}, and throw into the oven on a heat-proof dish of your choice {making sure that the aspargus is spread evenly} at 400F for about...10-12 minutes
  • at this point, prepare your eggs {again, as many as you wish, or as few. i did two, on the theory that this is about what i would normally have}. i fried them in a little bit of butter, you may choose to do the same, or you could poach them. i haven't seen this done wth scrambled eggs, before but then again, this is an adventure in eating, right?
  • once the asparagus is done {tender, but crisp}, plate it and drizzle an oil/vinegar-glaze/dressing of your choice overtop. i'd recommend either a touch more oil, or a flavoured oil, or balsamic glaze. spoon the eggs over top
  • serve with your favourite bread and/or cheese, and enjoy.

was that so hard? i didn't think so.

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